Fortune 500 Special

A sixteen page web site, free domain name, and free web hosting, and more for only $1495.00

The Fortune 500 Special includes:

Sixteen page web site:

(includes up to 32 images)

A home page plus your choice:

Products, Prices, Contact, About Us, Etc.

A 850.00 Value.

Free domain name:

.com or .net

A $350.00 Value.

Free web hosting:

300 MB. No additional monthly or yearly fees for hosting your site.

A $720.00 A Year Value.

Two Online Submission Forms:

Orders, questionnaires, contact, etc.

A $175.00 Value.


Imagine your business's own email address.

A $60.00 Value.

Free email forwarding:

Forward your email to your existing account.

A $60.00 Value.

Free email aliases:

sales@, owner@, info@, etc@, your-choice@

A $60.00 Value.

Search engine optimization strategy:

Higher rankings in Yahoo and MSN.

A $200.00 Value

Free daily updates:

Update prices, phone numbers, dates, etc.

A $3650.00 A Year Value.
To place your order, call 832-654-8463.

No monthly fees, No annual renewals!!!

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